Red Oak Hollow

Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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Image: Bowls from one special tree

Ten bowls from a special tree which lost a major branch in a storm. Click on picture for more info.

These bowls are a good example of what kinds of things can be made from a special tree which has fallen in a storm. This tree lost one of its major branches in Hurricane Isabel, September 18, 2003 and was saved by the owners until they could find someone who could "turn" it into something appropriate as Christmas presents for family and friends, including one for the lady who used to live in their house and loved that tree. The couple who requested these bowls be made from their tree said "I have to tell you that your bowls were the hit of Christmas! Everyone of our family members and friends who received one was most impressed with your artistry and the beauty of each bowl. We still receive wonderful comments even today." It is a great pleasure to receive comments like that, and it is a great pleasure to make such items for folks who will enjoy them so much.

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