Red Oak Hollow

Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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Dr. Bonicelli

Dr. Bonicelli carries the school's academic mace for the first time for graduation.

Drilling the center

Using a Forstner bit to clear the bark

Ethan Allen tables (before)

Tables which were modified as shown in More of My Work

Finished platter

The rim curves up and out from the bottom and the bottom is flat, flat, flat.

Fir balusters

These 18" balusters are made of Douglas fir. There are 250 of them and they are just under 4" square.

First inside cut

Cut in about 2" from rim, shaping to final thickness. This picture seems to show a separate round piece of wood pressed against the inside of the platter. It isn't. The surface is darker because it hasn't been trimmed off yet.


Twenty-nine of fifty gavels made from tree on new court house site

Giant railing ring

This may look like a giant coaster, but it is a 42" diameter railing ring for a home.

Greek shield

Barely able to lift the block when glued up, this shield weighed 14 pounds when done


Torah mantle rings

How to center on lathe

Mark off center toward short side of that face

Initial cut to round

Cutting pommel

Log in shop

Holding a log in preparation for rough turning a bowl

Marking elements

Pencil marks from story board

Marking spindle end

How to mark spindle end
Showing 16-30 of 81 ... [1-15] [16-30] [31-45] [46-60] [61-75] [76-81]