Red Oak Hollow

Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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Academic mace

Patrick Henry College now has an academic mace

Antioch Maces

Antioch University requested a full size and a mini-mace

Antioch medallion

The brass medallion and the engraved walnut ring for the Antioch mace

Antioch Mini

This mace is only about 12" long, a mini-mace for Antioch University

Bias cuts

Cut off piece about three inches long at a 45 degree angle

Bistro post

Support for a bistro-style granite counter top extension in a new Virginia home

Bottom peg

This is the nub, or peg, left from where the tailstock live center was against the bottom.

Bowls from one special tree

Ten bowls from a special tree which lost a major branch in a storm. Click on picture for more info.

Centauro T5

This is the heart of the operation, allowing me to duplicate balusters, newels, table legs, and the like from a single pattern. It is much like a huge key-making machine with two cutting heads.

Centering spindle

Using center finder to find the center


Turned around and held by tenon in chuck

Completed spindle

In this case, a 6x6 table leg which looks like all the others

Delta closeup with labels

This is the Delta Midi-lathe which I have labeled for your information.

Demo tools

Larger-than-life wood woodturning tools for teachers and demonstrators

Determine diameter

Using calipers and parting tool to cut to diameter of each element before shaping
Showing 1-15 of 81 ... [1-15] [16-30] [31-45] [46-60] [61-75] [76-81]