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Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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The Awesome John C. Campbell Folk School

Tom will be teaching a natural edge bowl class in March 2014

I describe it as "summer camp for adults," and it sure seems to me to be the ultimate in the field of craft instruction. With nearly 50 categories of classes (and nearly 60 classes under the Woodturning category), having attended the John C. Campbell Folk School is a highlight of my life. I first went alone to take a woodturning course. When I returned home, I told Judi "you have GOT to go to this place with me." We have since gone together twice more with me taking woodturning classes and Judi taking a knitting class and a cooking class. We had a great time and learned so much. I applied and was accepted as an instructor the first time to teach a natural edge bowl class 23-29 March 2014. I have now taught at JCCFS four years in a row and am scheduled for my next two classes 1-6 April and 6-8 April 2018. I am delighted to have been accepted as I dearly love woodturning and especially enjoy teaching the craft, passing the knowledge and skills which I have gained to others, hoping they will enjoy it as much as I. The link to JCCFS is here. Go to their web site and browse around. Perhaps request a catalog. With well over 800 classes each year, there should be many which will pique your interest.