Red Oak Hollow

Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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As of December 2012, the architectural part of the business has been sold

The time had finally come. It was a real joy having the opportunity to run my own custom architectural woodturning business and take care of customers around the area in need of products like balusters, newels, and so forth. This was a ten-year plan when we started. Run the business for ten years and then sell, move wherever we wanted to make our final home, and set up another woodturning shop there in order to pursue the artistic side of woodturning for awhile. It has only been seven years but with the low mortgage rates, it seems like this is a good time to both sell here and buy "there."

"There" is Manhattan, Kansas. After considering several options, we have decided to return home. We have friends in town, both attended Kansas State University, and have decided that the Flint Hills of Kansas is a good place to retire. My intention is to continue making academic maces but to also get back into bowls, bottle stoppers, hollow forms, and so forth. I have even been considering starting a woodturning school. We'll have to wait for that to see whether it seems feasible or not.

As of January 2013, I have sold the architectural side of the business but will still be making academic maces and some other specialty woodturnings which someone may need as well as bowls, bottle stoppers, wood pens, and so forth. The next step is to sell the house and it went on the market May 3rd, so now we wait.....

I'll keep you posted on the progress of our efforts.