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Historical Preservation

Special Bowls from a Special Tree

On 18 Sep 03, Hurricane Isabel blew through the East Coast, including the historical village of Waterford, VA, which is about five miles west of Leesburg. A large branch of a maple tree in the schoolyard of the Second Street School, the old one-room school in Waterford, fell across the oak fence around the school.

Waterford Maple Tree in schoolyard of Second Street School
Waterford was established in 1733 by Quakers. The Second Street School was originally for the black children of the area and is now a teaching center where classes of schoolchildren come from the surrounding area to see what education was like a hundred years ago. The school is also open during the annual Waterford Fair, which is a great craft show with outstanding crafters who demonstrate their crafts and skills throughout the three days of the Fair.

I was fortunate enough to be in Waterford a week after the hurricane had knocked down part of that maple tree which stands just inside the crook in the fence at the rear of the school, as you can see in this picture above. I just happened to have my chain saw in the car so, with permission from the right folks, cut several pieces of the tree to take home for bowls. I prepared certificates of authenticity for each one and took them back to sell in The Old Mill at the Waterford Fair a year later. It was a great way to preserve some of the history of the school and I felt as though I was doing my part to preserve this historical village.

If you are interested in more information about the Waterford Fair and the historical village of Waterford, VA, please click here. If you enjoy high quality craft fairs, please do attend the fair, held each year in early October. The whole village is the craft fair with crafters everywhere. And since each is strictly juried, you know that you are getting top quality work.