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Woodturning, a joyful hobby making round things out of wood

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Donation of Tom's Tools to JCCFS

The John C. Campbell Folk School now has its own set of Tom's Tools

The John C. Campbell Folk School is just purely summer camp for adults, but goes all year round. I have taken woodturning classes there three different weeks over the last few years and loved it every time. I taught my first class there in March 2014. It is so great being able to continue instruction with the same group of people for five days, allowing them the chance to build each day on the previous day's skills. I took a new set of Tom's Tools to the folk school to use during my class and then donated them to the school at the end of the week. For those of you who may teach at the folk school, please let me know if those large "high speed maple" tools were useful in your classes and if you have any suggestions for improvement.